HISTORY                                                                                       B.B. Korn As Raced, Converted to Rear Drive, Hornet 60 Motor

                                                                                                       With Boston Model Race Car Club,  Year Long top Speed Trophy

 Tether car racing had its beginnings in California in the late 1930's when model airplane flyers wanted to broaden there enjoyment of flying by building and running minature cars powered by the same engines they used in there planes.The hobby spread rapidly with some hobbiest building there own cars and manufactures designing and selling kits for minature race cars.The war slowed things down for a bit but when the war ended. The hobby really took off. The numerous, highly trained veterns were looking for things to take there mind off of what they had gone thru. The middle to the late 40s thru the early 50s were the golden age for the sport. Every city and region had there own tether car track, sometimes more than one. There were 2 major sanctioning bodys. Attendance was at its high point. In the early to mid 50s there was a general down turn in the hobby caused by a couple of factors. One was cost, The amount of skill needed to be competitive, The Korean war and the rise of a thing called television which took its toil on most hobbys. Tether car racing is still being done by a dedicated group of racers from around the world with speeds over 200 m.p.h. The early tether cars that exist today are reminder of the skill and craftsmenship of racers of yesterday, They are American mechanical folk art.
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