FOR SALE                                                                                                                      Speedway Pacemaker,

                                                                                                                                          With Hornet 60 Engine

At various times we will have both Tether Cars and related items for sale on this page, please come back and look often.
For Sale Dooling Mercury Rear Drive, Powered By A Dennymite. Car Is All Original Except For Tires And Wheels, Paint Is Outstanding.If You only want to Own One Car This Is It. POR
 Nice Original Dooling Frog As Raced In Denver Co. No Other History Available. Car Is Complete With Coil, Condenser, Ign. Switch And Fuel Tank. Car Needs To Be Wired. It Is Powered By A Postwar Hornet Exausting Thru The top Instead Of The Bottom. Car Has A Few Extra Holes As All Raced Cars Do. A Nice Clean Original As Raced Car For Your Collection, No Surprises. POR
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